Wiki skills for librarians and educators workshop

As part of our visionary mission to raise awareness about open resources, promote their widespread adoption, and share the benefits of contributing to the future of education and open learning, the Goethe-Institut Ghana collaborated with us to orchestrate a 2-day workshop for librarians and educators.

This workshop was intended to introduce them to various Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and Wikidata which would enhance their scope of work.

The workshop was attended by the heads of libraries, librarians, and lecturers from diverse universities and educational institutions. Participants were equipped with the requisite skills to store book data on the Wikidata platform, which could then be made available to all.

As librarians, they were delighted to discover that they could now contribute their quota to the digital openness of information from books, journals, and other resources through Wikipedia and Wikidata.

Our team had a fulfilling experience as we empowered this exceptional group of librarians with valuable tools and expertise that they can utilize to improve access to information using Wikimedia projects.

We eagerly anticipate their leadership in driving Wikimedia activities in their respective libraries and expanding our reach to make open resources available to everyone.

  • April 17, 2023