OFWA Kicks Off The Year With Train The Trainers 2024 Workshop

OFWA  initiated our inaugural in-person program with the annual Train the Trainer workshop (TOT). As we strive to expand our influence beyond Ghana's capital, we collaborate closely with community volunteers to establish wiki hubs in various regions, empowering them to facilitate open activities locally.

Annually, we conduct a two-day workshop designed to equip hub and club leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their effectiveness in their roles. The workshop's primary aim is to furnish hub leaders with fundamental knowledge on hub management and effective training delivery on Wikimedia projects to their members.


DN Shitobu from the Dagbani User group and Stephen Dakyi, a community lead of OFWA and co-founder of the Ghana Pidgin Community, conducted some specific training sessions. Moreover, the workshop serves as a platform for new hub leaders to glean inspiration and wisdom from seasoned counterparts through shared experiences, challenges, and expertise acquired on their journey as hub leaders.

The sessions covered Wikipedia, Wikidata tools and games, Wikimedia Commons, Hub Management, Movement Strategy, and other pertinent subjects. This provided new hub leaders opportunities to acquire new skills and tools that could amplify their impact within their communities.


  • February 1, 2024