It's almost that time of the year again and we are officially inviting you to our 2023 Annual General Meeting and for a delightful luncheon celebrating the inauguration of our new office space. Join us as we reflect on the year 2023. Enjoy a range of delicious dishes and seize the opportunity to connect with fellow members of the community. Whether you're a seasoned member or new to OFWA, let's come together for a moment of camaraderie and celebration.

The AGM serves as a cornerstone event for OFWA, providing a platform for members to reflect on the past year's achievements and challenges. The meeting is not just about business; it's an opportunity for our diverse community of volunteers to connect, share stories, and inspire one another. From recognizing outstanding achievements to brainstorming innovative ideas, the AGM sets the stage for another year of success.

Also, winners of the various campaigns we organized this year will be awarded during this meeting. Some awards include OFWA Star Performer , Top Wiki contributor, Top Hub, hub leader of the year and more.

Your presence is what makes it awesome – let's make this AGM and the lunch of the new office space a day to remember together.

This meeting will be held both virtually and in-person and will be streamed across our social media platforms.

Date: Thursday 21st December 2023

Time: 2:00pm

Location: SAL Height, adjacent Dimaensa, Abelemkpe.

Register for the AGM [here]

You can also join us via [Zoom]

  • December 7, 2023