Imagine a world where educational content is made open and accessible to all. Imagine a world where educational content can be accessed without the use of the internet.

Open Foundation West Africa, in the spirit of the Open Movement and bridging the digital gap, launched this year’s Kiwix4Schools Project. The project ultimately seeks to make digital educational content available to students and teachers who do not have access to the internet.

Kiwix is an app or a software that makes online educational content offline. In the past, we have installed the software in various senior secondary schools across the country. 

Impacts were made in the schools that were visited. Today, students and teachers can make use of educational content categorised in subjects like Science, English, Mathematics etc and other websites like the world’s biggest Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, TED videos and others for free without the use of the internet.

This year, we have  officially launched the project intended to reach as many schools as possible. 

You never know, we might be at a secondary school near you!!!

  • June 10, 2022