Africa Wiki Challenge 2024

The Africa Wiki Challenge is an online initiative focused on creating African-related content on Wikipedia. The annual competition strives to enhance information about Africa on Wikipedia and its sister projects

Often, African-related articles on Wikipedia are either stubs or lack videos or photos to provide visual context and enhance credibility. This inadvertently diminishes interest in reading existing African-related articles on Wikipedia. It's evident that both Ghana and Africa as a whole face a notable deficiency, particularly in terms of content representation on Wikipedia.

This year marks another exciting chapter in our journey to amplify Africa in the online information space. As we embrace the digital age, the fourth edition of the contest invites participants from across the continent to join us in this initiative to expand and enrich the representation of Africa and African-related content across the World Wide Web, especially on Wikipedia.

From bustling cities to remote villages, Africa possesses a wealth of knowledge and experiences waiting to be shared with the world. Happening from May 25th to June 30th, 2024.

Support the Campaign
  1. Organising a local event in your country. Find all you need in our organizers guide
  2. Sharing details of the campaign with your friends, family and on social media
Join The Campaign

You can join the campaign by creating new articles, adding references, uploading images and videos or by ‘destubbing’. Check our FAQ for more information

Frequently Asked Questions
Participants are expected to contribute to content by writing new or improving existing articles, they can also engage in complementary activities (contributions) such as creating Wikidata items that align with AWC theme “Educate Africa: nurturing minds for the 21st century.” They can also add photos or any media file related to the theme on Wikimedia Commons and use them on Wikipedia and (or) Wikidata. Content must be related to the theme.
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Virtual Office Hours

Date Time Link
7th June, 2024 4pm Google Meet

Prizes To Be Won

# Prize
1 GHS 10,000