Africa Wiki Challenge 2022

The second edition of the Africa Wiki Challenge calls on the participation of organizers, individuals, user groups, and anyone interested in the proper representation of Africa on the web. After a very successful maiden edition last year, We once again present you with another edition of the contest-themed “Projecting African Culture.”

The beauty of Africa roots in the consolidation of rich cultures and the sundry of diverse lifestyles. This makes the continent an empire of lovely people, picturesque scenes from festivals, aesthetically pleasing views of Africans performing beautiful traditional ceremonies, playing sports, eating rich and nutritious food, speaking unique languages, and many more. 

However, our culture is underrepresented on the internet. How well is the culture of Africa being represented on the web? How do you feel when you surf the internet to look for information on certain elements of our culture and find close to nothing?? Who will write our story for us if we don’t??

This is the perfect opportunity to help bridge the content gap about Africa on the web, specifically Wikipedia. Considering the fact that as at 2021 Wikipedia ranked the number one (1) most visited encyclopedia in the world according to, it is appalling to scarcely find content about Africa on Wikipedia. 

The theme is targeted at not just projecting Africa’s culture as a whole but also serving as an inspiration to document our own story. Submissions will range from individuals, structures, activities, stories, and other elements that make up the culture of Africa. 

The contest calls on Africans in and outside Africa to contribute content about African cultures like the tribal groups of Ga Adangbe in Ghana, Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania to festival celebrations like the Sango Fire festival in Nigeria and Umkhosi Mhlanga in South Africa to origins and recipes of African food like Nigerian and Ghanian Jollof to the diverse African rites like birth rites, puberty rites, funeral rites and more.

The contest will solicit participation through, writing and improving articles and audiovisual uploads. The Contest is open for participation. Interested User Groups and individuals can fill out this form. You can also join the AWC Participant Telegram page for interactions and for other important information.

Moreover, Community Organizers who are interested in holding an activity that requires support in terms of funding can request a Rapid grant ideally between Now and March 2022 depending on the date for their event.

Visit and keep an eye on the campaign meta page for more information (page still under construction) and sign up your community if you intend to participate. Join us to create or improve articles or add photos to illustrate articles about African Culture!

  • February 3, 2022