Founders Day Ghana Writing Contest 2020

Founders day is a day set aside to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of a society or organization. It is celebrated all over the world within various institutions and countries.

In Ghana, Founders Day is a day instituted to celebrate the collective work of Ghana’s forebears who led the struggle to independence. In the spirit of the celebration, It is our responsibility as a nation to continue where our forefathers left off, to project and defend the name and heritage of our country as exclaimed in the 3rd stanza of the national pledge,“I promise to hold in high esteem our heritage won for us through the blood and toil of our fathers.” On days like this, the question to often reflect on is what are you doing to commemorate the day? We couldn’t have all founded this country but how are we leaning into the spirit to project and defend the honour of this country.

The Founders Day Ghana Writing Contest is an initiative of Open Foundation West Africa in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and the Wikimedia Foundation to commemorate the emancipation fight of the founders of this noble land earmarked for 4th August in Ghana. The campaign makes a simple ask of all of us; to contribute an article about personalities and activities that led up to Ghana’s independence, creative art works around that time (movies, music, etc) and any topic of national interest or importance. It's an opportunity to share the rich culture and history of our country, to create visibility and to change the narrative about our history. We are dedicating the month of August to commemorate, celebrate and educate the populace about this day by encouraging the curation and creation of related content or articles on Wikipedia.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Founders Day Ghana Writing Contest is a one month outreach initiative organised to create awareness and educate the public on the significance of the day and also encourage the curation of content about Ghana’s history. We are reaching out to as many people who can join the contest by contributing relevant content on Wikipedia either by improving existing articles or creating new articles related to the History of Ghana. All participants will stand the chance of winning amazing prizes. This is an initiative by Open Foundation West Africa in collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation and the Ministry of Information
From 1st-31 Aug 2020, we encourage participants to create new articles about people and events that highlights activities that took place before and after Ghana’s Independence, creative art works (movies, music, etc) that depicted that time and topics of national interest or importance. They can also improve existing Wikipedia articles on Ghana’s History. By doing so, we can create reliable content on Ghana’s History on Wikipedia for the benefit of global readers.
Participants cut across all fields, Librarians, Researchers, Students, people from all walks of life are welcome to be part of this contest
At the moment about 2% of the content that exists on English Wikipedia is about Africa not to talk of Ghana. Not much has been written about our history, people, culture on this great platform. The Founders Day Ghana Writing Contest will be an opportunity for us to create and curate content which projects our country and people hence making information about our history and culture easily accessible by everyone through Wikipedia and its sister projects.
You can improve existing articles Create new articles Correct grammar Add references to existing articles Share the campaign
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