Africa Wiki Challenge 2022

Are you content with how Africa's culture is represented on the web? How do you feel when you surf the internet to look for information on some aspects of our culture and find close to nothing?? This is the perfect opportunity to help bridge the content gap about Africa on the web, specifically on Wikipedia.

The Africa Wiki Challenge is an online campaign aimed at generating African-related content on Wikipedia. In the second edition of the contest, we are pleased to announce that the Africa Wiki Challenge wants to highlight the diverse culture of Africans hence the theme; African Culture. The competition will run from 25th May to June 30th, 2022. The annual competition is aimed at improving the statistics of content about Africa on Wikipedia and its sister projects.

The theme, Africa’s culture, solicits written content on the diverse significant elements that constitute the African culture. The campaign will also encourage visualization of these articles by adding/uploading photos, audio or videos

Support the Campaign
  1. Organising a local event in your country. Find all you need in our organizers guide
  2. Sharing details of the campaign with your friends, family and on social media
Join The Campaign

You can join the campaign by creating new articles, adding references, uploading images and videos or by ‘destubbing’. Check our FAQ for more information

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