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Creating awareness of all available open resources, promoting their use and sharing the benefits of contributing towards the future of education and open learning.


The Future Is Open

Open is here to stay and the future looks better with Open. Open breeds sharing, collaboration and innovation for its users and beneficiaries. “Imagine a world where your contributions bring equity and access to all."

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Developing Partnerships

We maintain and strive to partner with organizations working to help promote open resources across the globe. We also engage with other organizations within the open movement for cross-collaborative projects.

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Training Programs

We train and mentor individuals and organizations on how to use and contribute to open resources while equipping them with skill sets and building their capacity to thrive in the dynamic space of technology.

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Open Community

Our community encompasses all working in different ways to promote education, preserve culture and heritage, promote gender inclusion and ensure internet accessibility and afffordability to all.

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Our Affiliation & Partnerships

Our partners across the globe help us to scale-up our impact and universal influence. United as a single force, we help shape the future through the creation of awareness of all available open resources. Connect with us today to be a part of our family.


What Your Donation
Can Help Us Do...

Your donation will go a long way to provide knowledge and resources, skills and capacity building opportunities and technology and access to enable us impact the next generation with the required infrastructure to meet the competition of the 21st century. This places them with equal opportunities to obtain the power and privileges that come with access to knowledge and augmented learning.